Open Letter To Our Elected Representatives in the United States of America

Instead of formally charging you with dereliction of duty, which is legally sustainable, we demand that you drop politics as it is, and engage in politics as our forefathers intended.

We are dead by the thousands because of you. A significant portion of Americans believe that you care only for power, attention, cash, bimbos, and photo ops. We're sick of the million-dollar cell phone bills every month from your meaningless, expensive chatter. Hope is alive one last time.

If you, as an elected official, have the tiniest understanding of the Constitution, you know that it creates a federal government for one and only one reason: to protect the citizenry. That's it.
Protect citizens. Nothing else. N-O-T-H-I-N-G! No other reason or intent for its existence.

Similarly, officials are elected for only one reason: to protect the interest of their constituents.

You have miserably failed. We're dead. Seven thousand evaporated fathers, children, sisters and mothers. Atone through effective use of resources on our behalf rather than on your own.

Elected officials, pay careful attention. Our brothers, our daughters... are dead. Innocent civilians, perhaps seven thousand more than the government is willing to admit for fear of panic.

Medically, insanity is the repeated duplication of an act while expecting a different result. A thousand terrorists are keenly aware of their impending death; they've even less to lose now.

We all know that the attacks on American soil will continue. Until we nail many terrorists, it is foolish to gather 50,000 and more people at a time into stadiums and the like. Suspend large concerts and sports events until the first three layers of terrorists are eliminated.

The worst event in history has occurred on American soil. Elected officials in the United States are all put on notice from your employers. Allow the President and his support teams to wage this war against terrorism by doing your job: health care, education, social security, etc.

Citizens, what marvelous unity you demonstrated in response to the horror in NY.

The parade of thousands of coffins that would have inflamed you more was not meant to be. This we knew right after the blast, because of the odd smoke and odor. The air, even blocks away, was choked, full of the incinerated flesh of thousands of individual people. How much more of a wakeup call do you need for you personally, as a citizen, an interested party, to get specifically involved?

Notify your elected officials to get busy or get booted at the ballot.
Pick up the pen while it is still only as mighty as the sword, no longer enjoying superiority.

Citizens: GET INVOLVED !

Save America with positive action today